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Creative Food Related Jobs in 2019

Jobs related to food industry are often considered a creative job, which captures both imagination and creative ideas.  The good news is that there are a lot of possibilities and endless varieties, when it comes to food there is a lot of cuisines  to work in  , from Italian , Chinese , French , Mexican , Japanese , Greek and of course , American !

International and local cuisines holds a lot of options for jobs related to their kitchen theme , you can choose the closest cuisine and food type t your heart , because of course working as a chef needs you to be passionate about what you’re doing . Besides, there is another huge industry related to food which is pastries and sweets. If you’re really passionate about food and you’ve got an artistic touch then consider taking your passion to the next level and enroll in the food industry by occupying a good job in your favorite cuisine and kitchen style.

Careers in food industry are a great career path to be taken; careers related to food often get good earnings as well as being able to get easily promoted and can even get to a level where you can own your own restaurant.

Here are the Top 5 Careers in Food:

  1. Chef.

Chef is the most popular job in food industry. Professional chefs are well trained and obtain great proficient skills in every aspect of food preparation. Is being a chef considered a talent? Well, of course yes. When you see the Chef turning simple ingredients into a master piece is considered so visually pleasing and entertaining, not all people can cook great food with a touch of art, only professional chefs can. Chefs can either take the easy way or the hard way, the easy way is by studying in culinary arts and get a formal training. The hard way is when someone actually gains an experience through working in the kitchen in low primitive positions.

There are different types of Chefs:

  • Cuisine Chef (Head Chef).
  • Sous-Chef (Chef Assistant).
  • Range Chef (Commis Chef).
  • Station Chef (Chef De Partie).
  • Chefs are always in demand. Restaurants are a great deal business, that’s why Chefs are always in high demand in different industries and cuisines.
  • If you’re interested to enroll in such industry, you can easily check famous Online Job Websites like Joblang.com and apply for a chef position in your area or you can even go internationally and go work abroad.
  1. Dietitian.

Dietitians are responsible for developing a nutritional plan with taking the person’s medical conditions and needs into consideration.  Dietitians are licensed healthcare professionals who diagnose, assess and treat nutritional problems. They are also responsible for supervising the food preparation process, educate good nutritional habits and develop modified diets. In order to become a licensed dietitian, you should have a bachelor’s degree as well as pass the examination. The good news about being a dietitian is that you can enroll in a lot of sectors from hospitals, health maintenance organizations (HMO) and health care facilities. It’s a great job position and interesting as well.

  • If you’re a dietitian and looking for a good job offer, you can check authorized jobs opportunity websites like Joblang.com and apply for a suitable job position.
  • Dietitian’s average pay is medium to high, depending on the industry and sector as well as the dietitian’s proficiency.
  1. Food scientist.

Food Scientists job discretion includes studying the physical, microbiological and chemical properties of food. It is considered a critical job, because they are the one’s responsible assuring that the food is 100% safe and can be consumed normally. Food Scientists are involved in the new food products development, shelf-life studies, choice of packaging, and design of processes   to produce food. They are also responsible for evaluating the nutritional value, texture and flavor of food. They should also test food samples for yeast, molds and bacteria. The last thing Food Scientists must make sure of is that the manufacturing process conforms to industry and government standards.

  • Food Scientists average pay is medium and might be high is the company is international or the food scientist is really professional.
  • If you’re fit to the requirements both educationally and technically, do not hesitate to apply for food scientist’s job opportunities on Joblang.com.
  1. Nutritionist.

Nutritionist is responsible for advising people on matters of food and its impact on health. They aim to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle their patient’s food style and program. Nutritionists usually works for research institutions, sports organizations, local communities and food manufactures as well.

  • People interchangeably mix up between Nutritionist and dietitian, these two jobs are related but there are major differences between the two.
  • Nutritionist jobs are in demand, even in sports gyms, they now make a healthy diet plan for the person who comes to play sports in order to make a healthy life style in both food and fitness exercises.
  • If you’re interested in such an industry, you can visit Joblang.com and apply for a suitable job near you
  1. Restaurant manager. 

A Restaurant Manager is responsible for the profitable and efficient operation of a restaurant. They must make sure that customers are satisfied both with service and food. Restaurants mangers also have other duties to be operated such as marketing business, ensuring compliance with safety and health regulations and also supervising the staff. Restaurants managers should hold a degree in business or management related degree like hotels managements degree as well. They must make sure they gain good quality experience while working in restaurants or hotels, the more experience they gain the higher management levels they can reach.

  • Restaurants managers are always in demand, but you must put in mind that your experience and customer service are also a huge determination of you being hired or not, you might not get hired if you lack some skills, you might hold an excellent bachelor’s degree in management but you have no clue how to deal with customers.
  • If you have the ability to deal professionally with customers and manage the restaurants easily and smoothly then do not hesitate to check the job opportunities opening on Joblang.com, you can surf new jobs posted on daily basis.
  • Restaurants average pay is high sometimes and might be low as well, how? It fully depends on experiences, skills and of course the restaurant level. (5 star restaurants or a small local restaurant).

Working in such fields is considered healthy, creative and fun. You can enroll in this field with a feel of comfort, because these jobs will make you a healthier person as well, you can’t be a dietitian for example and eat junk food every day. Wither you decide on being a nutritionist or a food scientist or nay other food related job position, what can really make you superior your job is gaining an extraordinary experience throughout your first years in the industry . Gaining an experience in the early working years are a great way to boost up your resume as well as being a catchy potential candidate for recruiters. Work hard on your career path in order to settle down for a good long-term career.

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